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Treaties – Lyrics

emperors and holy places

whats becomes of hidden faces

who makes the rules

who makes the rules

bullets and rocks and desert spaces

they come from pen and paper

who makes the rules

who makes the rules


staring at the dome i saw a sign

pretty lady with the chrome

she had red eyes and a gun in her hand

she was nothing but bone


she said


play me your death rattle 

black prince of  Moscow

draw your lines across the time

there will be sorrow


we  made a deal century ago

divide conquer that we know

the  weak point in our position

false gods beget sedition

terror on the  televisions

watch it all from the safest distance

trade your blood for oil

I’ll trade your blood for oil


man ah make  power plays to feed the greedy

Sykes-Picot and Balfour feed  me

Who makes the rules

Who make the rules 

so its Cheap gas  bombs over Baghdad

Children in the sands with suicide plan

flying rocks v  automatic shots

they make a plot with me so your tears can’t stop