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Refuse2Kill – Lyrics

For those that shattered the infallibility of militarism

“Ye that have escaped the sword, stand not still”


Its time we talk about banality of evil

Murderous conformity mentality is lethal

How powerful systemise the savagery of people

There’s insanity and tragedy in the fallacies they feed you

This is for the Quakers that would die before they kill

Bertrand Russell in prison he survived by force of will

Rejected by society they’d prefer its all concealed

History mystery a version to reveal

This is the conviction Rosa Luxemburg was murdered for

This is the tradition 2003 was searching for

No time to mollycoddle too many bodies we’re sorry for,

This is the feeling stopped them loading the ss jolly george

80 died in jail all due to their treatment

Sacrificed for their lives for the most human of reasons

Monsters on the conscience soothe delusions of freedom

The refusal2kill a conviction you can believe in


Keir Hardie’s passed without a mention of parliament

Alienation, targeting afterwards was hard for them

He considered Belgium as colonisers we can’t defend,

Sent to kill to fellow workers by a wretched class of heartless men

Still draw the borders in places they trample

our conscription isn’t physical but it remains financial

participants in carnage but from the strangest of angles

Don’t prolong the mental bondage its time the cage is dismantled

Women’s peace crusade contribution cant be forgotten

Legacy still alive and was fighting at Greenham Common

They are the real heroes, not Van Damme or Rambo

They shut the city down and banned Lloyd George from Glasgow

Better to die with honour then live life feeling guiltier

for those that went against their own families like Sylvia

I hope on inspiration from the legacy of Pankhurst

The next Joe Glenton can just walk away from Sandhurst